A Universal Safety Symbol Which Says It All!

No Text N Drive  

Saving Lives, One Bumper At A Time!

Who We Are?

When I was a teen, my Dad taught be to drive defensively. "Cheryl, just look down at the tires of the cars around you. You will see the direction in which the driver is aiming to go." Well that was great advice then, but driving today has become more complicated!  Daily, I see street and highway crashes all around the path of my routine driving. I want my teenagers to be safe on the road...making us all mindful and sending a strong message will make sure we all get home safely for our family dinners each evening! As"Buckle Up For Safety" was instilled in the life of my toddlers, now NO TEXT N DRIVE must be glue to the hearts and minds ouf all drivers, especially our teenagers. Join me in Saving Lives, One Bumper At A Time! 

C.D. Holmes-Miller

C.D. Holmes-Miller is The Rt. Reverend Dr. Cheryl D. Holmes-Miller aka Bishop CD Miller, M.S., MDiv., is bi-vocational as a Clergywoman, Theologian, Communications Designer and Author. 

During the course of her career, she has served as a dual status ordained minister for both The United Church of Christ and The American Baptist Churches, USA serving local parishes. She is ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the American Baptist Churches, USA. She was consecrated to the bishopric by the Holy Light Pentecostal Ministries, Inc. for her service to worldwide missions.

Holmes-Miller professionalized both her occupation and vocation. She is a Master of Divinity graduate of the Union Theological Seminary in New York City and a Benjamin E. Mays scholar. She has received numerous Honorary Doctorate degrees for her service to the Gospel Ministry.

She holds the Master of Science-Communications Design degree from the Pratt Institute, N.Y. and the Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She is a former business owner; Cheryl D. Miller Design, Inc., New York serviced corporate communications to a Fortune 500 clientele, specializing in developing corporate identity, logos and trademarks.

Bishop CD Miller Ministries, LLC. is recognized for Women in Ministry advocacy, globally. BCDMM, LLC. is a publisher of Christian Content and Family Values and Family Heritage Legacy stories. She content publishes any and everything directed toward quality of life and family values.

She is a design industry award winner, i.e.—Awards of Special Merit, Association of Graphic Arts; Best of Category, PIA Awards; Award of Excellence, PIA Awards; Graphic Excellence, Neenah Paper Awards; Certificate of Excellence, The Art Director’s Club of New Jersey; Award of Excellence,

The Desi Awards; Award of Excellence, The Broadcast Design Award, The Peabody Award of Broadcasting, Exhibit Award, The American Women In Radio and Television; The Crystal Award- Business Woman of the Year, NANBP Women’s Club, Inc.

Miller has been a competition judge for the Emmy Awards, New York; AIGA, Minneapolis; Ceba Awards, New York. She has been a board member for the Westchester Council For The Arts and has been an active member of the Art Director’s Club of New York and The American Institute of Graphic Arts. Miller is a keynote speaker across denominational lines and lecturer in a variety of academic arenas.

She has notoriety and has been recognized as a national leader of equal rights and advocacy in the Graphic Design industry. Her published trade articles, have ushered industry awareness to concerns of equality in the Communications Design industry.

She was featured in the Communication Design publication, Flash Magazine, “Cheryl D. Miller: Opening Doors for herself and others.” She brings that same spirit of advocacy to the her outreach and causes she believes and supports. Known as a “machete carrier,” she has won countless Design, Broadcast and Emmy Awards for her contributions to the Communication Design, Broadcast and Publishing Industries. 

Why Us?

Why not us? We care! C.D. Holmes-Miller is an award winning corporate communications designer. Retired now from her New York City corporate communications firm, Cheryl D. Miller Design, NY. NY., Holmes-Miller has been faced with educating her teenagers on how to drive (not just safely) defensively along America's streets and highways. 

She remembers vividly the images and themes of "Buckle Up For Safety" when she learned to drive as a teen. Not worried about her teenage drivers, she is concerned about distracted drivers on the roads. Buckling up for safety is everyday now for countless drivers and riders. She knows the effacy of visual communications. A great symbol kept before us continually, can save a life!

Furthermore, C.D. Holmes-Miller is a clergywoman, theologian and author. Always a visual artist since her childhood, she has discovered new an exciting ways to keep lives safe and to save souls along the pathways of America. 

She has designed the NO TEXT N DRIVE safety symbol for the saving of lives, one bumper at a time! 

Join the countless distracted driving advocacy campaigns in getting the word out. Merely place a sticker on the back of your bumper! Acquire the sticker for mass distribution It's just that simple to get an important message before us all!