A Universal Safety Symbol Which Says It All!

No Text N Drive  

Saving Lives, One Bumper At A Time!

Simply put, our trademark registered icon symbol for No Text N Drive is a custom designed universal safety symbol. Visually, it is a one-top down symbol, we all can use to communicate an impactful universal message!

The symbol as applied to a safety bumper sticker connects all advocacy campaigns together with one visual message, i.e.--PAY ATTENTION WHILE DRIVING! Our symbol is a visual symbolic umbrella we all can use no matter our existing campaigns or media messages.

Designed to ehance and embellish existing campaigns and advocacy initiatives, our NO TEXT N DRIVE SYMBOL keeps the distracted driving awareness message upfront in our awareness. One bumper at at time, our universal safety symbol and sticker tag will drive home any social responsibility message corporate, not for profit or government agency advocacy don't text and drive.

NoText N Drive...Saving Lives, One Bumper At A Time!

A Safety Symbol for Corporate, Not For Profit, and Government

Safety Awareness Campaigns.

4x4 Bumper Stickers or Symbol Perfect For:

- Corporate Collateral Inclusion and Billing Statements

- Vehicle Fleets, Law Enforcement Cars, Taxis, Buses, Vans, Trucks, Car Manufacturers

- Point of Purchase Give Aways--DMV, Driving Schools, Training, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Insurance Companies, Cell Phone and Data Services, etc.

The Usages are endless for saving lives, one bumper at a time!

- Bumper Stickers or Licensing Agreement to 

use in your customized corporate campaigns.

A universal safety symbol, communicating 

a message we all can understand.

Contact us for corporate, not for profit, or government

quantity sticker pricing or non exclusive licensing agreement quote.

Right Click and download our free autoresponder No Text N Drive text graphic!

Place in your phone's photo gallery. When the text comes through and at your earliest moment when you are NOT driving...just text send the "#X  I CAN'T TEXT; I'll BE RIGHT BACK" JPEG graphic to acknowledge your friend's text. 


Enjoy Our FREE Not Text N Drive Graphic Responder Button
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Not Only A Bumper Sticker! Set Your First Lock Screen Wallpaper On Your Teen's Phone For A Constant Reminder! No Text N Drive! Pay Attention!

Download Our Safety Image Today and Upload To Your Teenager's Phone IMMEDIATELY! 

Our "LOCK SCREEN" Wallpaper
designed as a constant reminder to
Great For Parental Control
For Teenager Cell Phones!

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